Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tattoo List

Ok, so my friend and I have a "bucket list" thing, except we call it the tattoo list, because, well, obviously getting a tattoo is on the list. And I stumbled upon today and remembered that I had an old list, and thought I'd revisit it and add some more.

1. Get a tattoo

2. Go to Disney World again

3. Ride in a hot air balloon

4. Win a major award

5. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras

6. Go into space

7. Be the change I want to see in the world

8. Go to a bar on a boat, or in a lake, or something to that effect

9. Be elected to some public office

Successfully re-pot a plant FOR ONCE

11. Ride a horse

12. Travel overseas.

Get a teaching job

14. See the Grand Canyon

15. Go back to Cali

16. Walk the whole Golden Gate Bridge

17. Picnic in the Redwoods

18. Touch an elephant

19. See a volcano in Hawaii

20. Get a hole in one at golf

21. Go to the Memorial tournament

22. Run the whole time in a 5K.

23. Run the Flying Pig again

24. Go to Vegas

25. Learn Spanish

26. Fall in love

27. Finish my master's degree

28. Have a baby

29. Learn how to putt

30. Ride a motorcycle

31. Waterski/Go Tubing

32. Parasail.

33. Ride a four wheeler on a beach

34. Go on a cruise

35. Go spelunking

36. Climb a mountain

37. Go hiking

38. Go to an Ohio State football game

39. Learn how to fly a plane

40. Ride in a helicopter (preferably not MedFlight!)

41. Find a friend I can count on

Buy a new car. Well, new to me :)

43. Get my own place

44. Bowl another 200 game

Get a golf score in the 30's OMG 7/23 I shot a 36!

Start the lawnmower by myself

47. Go on a roadtrip

48. Be on Jeopardy!

49. Watch a Broadway show

50. Go to NYC at New Year

51. Survive NYC at New Year.

52. Run the Ecothon

53. Fly a kite

54. Find myself

55. Regrow my tiny heart

56. Volunteer

57. Sky dive

58. Learn to dance

59. Build something.

60. Travel to all 50 states

61. Stand on the four corners

62. Go see the trees in New England in the fall

63. Go to Red, White, and Boom

64. Forgive

65. Read 1,000 books for pleasure

66. Bet on the horses at the Kentucky Derby

67. Meet the current President

68. Perfect cheesesticks with hot sauce recipe

69. Pay off all my credit cards and loans

70. Recycle more