Friday, February 1, 2008


I keep having dreams about my phone. In the first dream, I was talking on it and it was getting very hot, and all of a sudden the case was like melting and I took off the battery cover (even though there isn't one) and the battery exploded and the phone caught on fire. And all I could do was point to it with my mouth open.

And then last night I dreamed I was standing on a deck by a river and somehow I dropped the phone off the side of the deck and I basically threw myself after it and while it missed landing in the river, it landed on a bunch of gravel which all scratched and pocked the screen.

I wonder what will happen next?

Also, today I had a snow day and I slept until noon, and then I said I was definitely going to do something constructive today because I never get anything done anymore, and what have I spent the entire day doing? Sitting here on my ass in front of my computer, surfing the internet and playing spider solitaire. I did get up for a brief shower earlier this afternoon, and took several pop cans and water glasses out of the room and threw them away/recycled them. Does that count as constructive? I doubt it.

I have no energy or desire to do anything except sit here and do this!! What is wrong with me? I know I could be out doing something tonight but I've been sitting here thinking up reasons why I should just stay home (the biggest one being because I am a lazy sack of shit). The sad thing is, I'm perfectly content to sit here alone and later I will start drinking alone and I'll listen to my music alone and it will be exactly what I want to be doing.

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