Thursday, August 2, 2007

A marginally interesting story

My mom came home today and told me that while she was out driving today, a yellow jacket came crashing through the car window and landed in her lap. She said luckily it appeared to be dead or knocked out and she escaped without an unfortunate sting.

So we are out later, running to the store, and I feel something hit the side of my neck, and I look down and there's a yellow jacket sitting on my lap too! How weird is that to happen twice in one day, miles apart? Anyway I managed to bend my thumbnail backwards while trying to get my seatbelt off and stand up to get the bee out of my crotchal region. And then I picked it up with a tissue and have done something I have never done before, and I'm very sad that my 24 year streak has been broken.

I threw the bee and the tissue out the window. I littered. I hate myself.

1 comment:

Serge said...

You are a horrible person Kathrine.


But I will still love you tomorrow.