Friday, September 14, 2007

If I had a dollar

for every time I thought about how much I suck and that I'd rather not be around anymore, I'd be a millionaire. And maybe if I was a millionaire, I could buy some friends or at least some material possessions that would make me happy, and maybe I wouldn't think about how much I suck as much? Or maybe I would think about it even more. I don't know.


Serge said...

Dude you dont suck. We getting married in like 6 years, just hold out till then. :)


tin_man said...

I think you're pretty great.

Woody Hayes said...

Cheer up, there isn't any reason to be blue. Sometimes we all have a rough patch and then we find that perfect combination of ingredients in our chili which gives us a smile as we go to bed. Don't worry, you'll make a perfect batch of chili soon.