Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Things Sent to the Copier

So today I was in the copy room for two hours running some packets of stuff, and right in the middle of what I was doing, someone sent this to the copier:

The man had the longest beard that the world had ever seen.

That's it. One sentence on a piece of paper, which shot out on green paper for some reason. No one claimed it, so I used the rest of the paper to write a story to go along with that sentence and tacked it up on the board behind the copier. I wonder how long it will be until someone notices it. Here was my story.

It was the longest beard that the world had ever seen. And the man's name was Frederick, and he used the power his beard gave him for evil instead of good. For instance, one day instead of letting a child who was trapped in a well grasp his beard and climb to safety, Frederick merely waxed his beard and drew up a pail of water. And then he left. Another time, he used his beard to trip an old lady who was on her way to volunteer at the orphanage. Frederick laughed as he entered Ye Olde Beards 'n 'Staches across the street. Finally, Frederick crossed the wrong person. He tried to use the powerful charm of his handsome beard to win the love of Bertha, the King's wife. The King was quite powerful himself, having the longest eyebrows that the world had ever seen. And so The King wiggled his eyebrows and all of Frederick's beautiful facial hair fell from his face and transformed into a bunny, which hopped away. The End.

Now I know it's a stupid story with some logistics problems (such as why could Frederick draw up a pail of water but the poor child could not climb that rope) but after standing in the copy room with very little human contact I was mighty proud of my story. Proud enough to write a blog entry about it hours after the fact, anyway. It's best not to leave me alone unsupervised for that long.

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Anti_Freak_Machine said...

F'in sweet story! I would have gone with a female version of beard guy whose pubic hairs were so long she used them as a weapon choking random people and such...but thats prolly why I'm not trusted around women, children, and livestock.