Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun Fact Monday

Because I can't wait 'til Friday to
steal an idea
from someone else, here's a Fun Fact Monday for all the no ones out there reading this.

-When I was in Preschool they taught us about how to dial 911 if ever there is an emergency at home. So you could be one of those toddlers who heroically calls and saves a parent or grandma from a diabetic seizure or choking or a housefire or whatever. ANYWAY, I decided to take the direct opposite approach to being helpful and instead went home and dialed 911 about 5 or 6 times just to check to see if it really worked. Soon, there was someone at the door. Actually, two someones with pretty blue outfits and shiny stuff on their shirts. Oh Shit said my tiny toddler brain. I don't know if I got a certificate on Toddler 911 training but I think I definitely should have had to give it back along with a finger painting on why you shouldn't bother the nice policemen.

-Another time I was outside in the garage and I noticed this metal box on the wall. And inside the box were a bunch of neat looking glass knobby things. And who can resist a glass knobby thing when you're like 5, so I trundle over and unscrew them and played with them for probably all of 3 minutes before getting bored and leaving them wherever but not putting them back. Turns out those were fuses! And the fuses were making that big deep freeze full of preserves and garden produce and A FIVE POUND TURKEY all cold and frosty. Oh, did I mention this was in August? Soon a funk was emanating from the deep freeze. Shortly thereafter a funk was emanating from our trash cans out back. And a funk was emanating from my mother who had to clean all that mess up. Aside from that inconvenience was the very real possibility that I could have been electrocuted.

-I can not bend my pinky finger in such a way that it will go under my thumb so I can make "three" like 99% of the world's population. My index finger won't straighten up. My students have mocked my mercilessly about this all year.

-I have had three cats in my lifetime. Two were black and one is orange and gray. All of them have had names (Panther, Max, and Tigger) and all of them have been called almost exclusively "Kitty". Kitty I didn't have a tail and ran out the back door and was never seen or heard from again. Kitty II met an unfortunate end crossing the road one morning, and Kitty III is missing one of his long fang teeth. Sometimes his lip gets caught on the bottom tooth and it sticks out and he looks like a pirate.

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