Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun Fact Friday

Here it is, Friday again! Here's a rundown of everything I've done this week, just to keep all the ones of you out there not reading this about all the many activities I've been doing.
Saturday: sat around
Sunday: sat around
Monday: sat around
Tuesday: sat around
Wednesday: sat around and then played golf
Thursday: sat around and then played golf
Friday: sat around

...I know, I know. You're jealous of my action-packed existence. It's truly mind-boggling how many things I can pack into a day, and not everyone can be so fortunate. Anyway, since I do have just a few minutes of free time, I thought I would entertain with a few fun facts for Friday.

* I have often been known to look at myself in the mirror and rave about how fantastic my own hair looks. I have an unhealthy love for my hair and I'm not afraid to let everyone know that mine's just a little better than everyone else's.

*I love elephants. If something has an elephant on it, I'll probably buy it. I sure hope no one ever puts an elephant on that bridge everyone's always trying to sell.

*The only memory of kindergarten I have is this: it was story time and everyone was gathered around the teacher on the carpet, and I really, really had to pee. Except I was scared to get up, because I knew that everyone would know I was going to the bathroom, and so I sat for a long, long time weighing my options. Could I make it to the end of the story, and while in the confusion of transition from carpet to seat I could slip into the bathroom unnoticed? Would it be better to sit here and pee myself? I finally decided I couldn't wait anymore and I got up and went. And in my mind I can still see the stall and remember that I was silently hoping no one could hear me pee. What a strange thing to remember.

*I used to think it was great fun to sit in the middle of a busy road and pop the tar bubbles that would rise up on hot summer days. Obviously I was not under the most attentive supervision at that particular location. While there, I also enjoyed climbing trees with power lines running through them, riding my bike far past the arbitrary radius normally set by my mother, throwing old records against a wall and watching them break into 50 pieces, and exploring old abandoned buildings. It's a miracle I survived.

*My brother and I invented a game where we would chase each other through the four upstairs rooms in our childhood home. When the first person ran into a room, they slammed the door as hard as they could behind them before the other person could get in. I was 4 and he was 8. Being 4, my head was right about the same level as the glass doorknobs that were attached to each of these doors that we were slamming. I think you can see where I'm going with this. Let's just say mom's episode of Dynasty was interrupted by a crying, bloody child and a trip to the emergency room. I personally think it was a little more exciting then the normal Krystal v. Alexis slap fight that usually went on.

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