Friday, January 2, 2009

The Secret

The Secret

I received this book from my mom for Christmas because she said "miss gloom and doom" needed to get in touch with her feelings or something. So anyway, I've been reading it and it's quite interesting. Basically, it says you have to think on a positive frequency, and then positive things will come your way. If you are always thinking negatively, then more negative things will be attracted to you.

You have to ask for things you want, and then you have to believe that they're already on their way to you, like you've ordered them from a catalogue. The other night I asked to sell a book, and the next morning I woke up and it was sold. I thought that was pretty boss.

I asked my friend if she'd heard of it and she said she had watched the DVD, and the very same day she got something she needed because she asked for it.

Anyone else out there read this book or seen the movie and have any experiences to share?

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