Friday, July 27, 2007

Lifetime Movies That Could Be Made About My Life

1. Grafted to the Computer Chair
2. Murder on the Highway
3. The Girl Who Killed Her Entire Family Because Someone Ate the Last Piece of Pie
4. Calorie's Deceit
5. The Cat Lady
6. Living in Filth: The Story of Someone Who Was Too Lazy To Clean Up
7. Night Terrors: The Girl Who Dreamed She Was Electrocuted By Her iPod
8. Hopeless on the Job Front: How One Woman Managed To Survive
9. Internet Addiction
10. Lightening in the Night: It Kept Me Awake
11. I Traded My Soul For Another Pair of Shoes
12. Failure to Launch, or How I Lived At Home Until I Was 100

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