Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wii madness

My sleek new Wii arrived in the mail today. I woke up to sheer joy as I saw the giant box being carried into my room. I tore out of bed, picked it up and carried it to the living room. Like a kid at Christmas I ripped every last component out of that box in about 5 second flat. It was magnificent.

I spent a little while playing Wii Sports and found to my dismay, yet not at all shockingly, that my fitness age was 77. I did some boxing and some golfing and a little bowling and tennis. I worked up a sweat. It was awesome.

Then I went and played some real golf and did absolutely terribly. One hole I had 13 strokes. Thirteen. 13. That's a heluva lot of strokes. I don't know what I'm doing wrong but whenever I try to hit with an iron I seem to always hit the top of the ball so it skids about 15 feet and I end up with 13 strokes on one hole.

Anyway, after all of this physical activity (LOL video games and golf), I am feeling a little sore in my shoulders and will probably not be able to move my arms at all tomorrow.

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czmilosz said...

Have you played the rabbits game yet?