Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A glass (or four) of wine and some reflection

So I'm sitting here drinking my homemade sangria and thinking about my day. On the whole, it was a good day. I went out to lunch at a local winery, did a wine tasting, had some wine, ate some lunch, had some more wine, ate a bunch of breadsticks dipped in herbs and oil, and...did I mention the wine? Pretty much any day with wine is a good day. Anyways, after the wine, I mean lunch, I played 18 holes of golf at a beautiful course and had a good time.

Until, I got.....the phone call. THE call I've been waiting for/dreading for a while now. The call from my (ex) boss, who said, "P.S. we're not having you back this year. But....I'm not going to tell you why right now, if you want to know why, you can go ahead and come in to the office tomorrow or sometime this week and I'll tell you face to face. And have a nice life, hope your house burns down and all your valuables perish, love xoxo, Not Your Boss Anymore."

Anyway, so I was on about the 4th hole of golf, which is coincidentally right about the time my game went down to the local bar and started chugging everything in sight, and spent the rest of the round hugging the toilet and praying for a swift end. Anyway, so I stopped keeping score. And I threw a club, and I pounded the ground, and I was sad.

And now I'm having some more wine, and I've decided that while it sucks big time, and "whatever!! their loss!!", and I did say a few choice words to the phone after I hit end call, and I really am going to miss some of the people there, even after all this, I think maybe it will be o.k.

Maybe I will just go back to school and do something else and party it up like it's 1999 and work when I want to and not work when I don't and turn around and show that ex boss who's really boss. In her dumb air conditioned office.

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